[Daily] 12 Mar 2022; Change of plans


For the “building a blog in public” project, earlier it was planned that we’ll be publishing 1 blog post every day but the plan changed yesterday.

The truth is, I need more money and for that, I need to focus more on my affiliate sites. And for that reason, I am slowing down my other projects and focusing a bit more on affiliate sites.

As of now, I will be publishing only 3-4 blog posts on Untalked SEO, and the rest of my time will be dedicated completely to my Italian affiliate website and compile.blog, at least till the end of March.

It’s Saturday today, I will be working a bit this weekend and spend the rest of my time watching this new web series called True Detective. A friend recommended and said he’ll rate it above Sherlock Holmes.

Interesting! I am excited to watch.

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