[Daily] 17 Mar 2022; Share “behind the scenes”


From yesterday, I am writing a detailed article on Programmatic SEO. I have created a detailed outline for this, it’s still the first version and has become 1.5 pages long. The outline looked something like this:

Programmatic SEO Article Outline
Programmatic SEO Article Outline

After finishing creating the outline, I decided to post a screenshot of the outline on Twitter to show people what the behind the scene look like. You can see the tweet below:

To my surprise, the tweet performed well, people looked interested. I didn’t know people enjoy looking at the “behind the scenes” stuff so much.

In fact, SEO Chatter asked to send the article after it’s finished so that he can share it with his audience. What a lovely surprise!

And I predict this article or better to say this massive guide will start ranking on the first page just within a few weeks. Because there is not much information available on the topic, Google will have no other option than to start ranking it.

If this guide starts ranking, I am sure it will acquire a few natural backlinks and that will be beneficial for the whole site. In fact, that could help me achieve the 10k monthly visitors target that I am to achieve by the end of this year. 🤞

The article will take more than 15 hours to complete and I will be working on it the whole day today. I am not doing anything else today.

Wish me luck.

See ya!

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