[Daily] 26 Mar 2022; Still in the flow


It’s been almost 30 days since I started the daily public journal writing, I am loving it writing every day — haven’t missed a single day and there are no future plans to miss either.

Apart from the journal, I am also writing every day for all my blogs. People talk a lot about writer’s block, I haven’t felt that yet. The writing streak started last month and it’s still continuing. I was writing earlier too, but not this much and this fast.

The goal of writing and publishing every day on my personal blog (which is this one) is nothing, I don’t want anything in return, I don’t want tons of people coming on the site every day. This site is for me. I want to make it like a diary of my journey and continue it for the years to come. In this regard, I am very much impressed by Bram who has been documenting everything since 2003 (I had no idea about websites then, lol).

And the thing about quality control, I am not controlling the quality of whatever I publish here on the site. I do not edit or make it better for the readers, because that’s not what the goal is.

Writing here every day gives me a sense of satisfaction. Even if I just wrote my journal for the whole day, I’d not get the sh*tty feeling of not doing anything. In fact, writing every day motivates me to do other works consistently.

I am not quitting it anytime soon, but I am also worried if I will be able to keep the domain name and the website for the decades to come. Will some change in the rules take it away from me?

No idea, and not in my control. Forget it.

See ya!

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