[Daily] 28 Mar 2022; Things that don’t make sense


Reading this article “Look for things that don’t make sense” by David Perell and absolutely love the perspective he’s presenting. He says that the gold mine is where things don’t make any sense.

Things that don’t make sense are your best learning opportunities.

David Perell

We always hear people say that the world doesn’t make any sense but it’s wrong — the world always makes sense! It’s their version or model of the world that’s not making the sense.

Love the perspective!

Today, I will be writing, editing, and publishing a short article for Untalked SEO and will do some research work for one of my affiliate sites.

Also, I and Bikash have been thinking about starting a book site — tons of books will be listed with their short summary where people can search and filter books of their choice. It’ll be a Programmatic SEO experiment too, we’ll be creating 100s of pages with AI-written book summaries and see where it gets us. I will try to share the journey here in the journal.

That’s it.

See ya!

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