[Daily] 31 Mar 2022; Cool weather


It’s the last day of March and the summer has come early this year, it seems. The level of humidity is too high these days and the temperature is high too — it’s very difficult to go out at noon.

Today’s temperature in my city

But today seems different, probably it’s going to rain! Humidity is still high but the weather is cloudy and cool as of now.

I went on the rooftop for a morning walk and here’s what the view is: 🌧

Today’s weather

The question here is, how does it affect my today’s routine? Well, I love nature, and having awesome weather does make me happy and I might end up being more productive today.

Today, I will be tweeting about the latest guide that I wrote and researching a bunch of topics for my affiliate websites.

It’s gonna be a good day.

See ya!

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