[Daily] 11 Mar 2022; Hope is a big thing



The world runs on hope.

I think, there isn’t a big motivator in my life than hope. Everything I do is in the hopes of having a better future — I’m working hard so that I can have a comfortable life.

In fact, marketers don’t sell products, they sell hope. The hope of being healthy, being wealthy, being successful, having known, getting a good partner, getting good hair, being powerful, and whatnot.

Let me explain, currently, there’s a war going on between Russia and Ukraine, thousands of people are dying. If the war escalates further towards WW3 and other countries get involved, do you think you would be affected? Of course, you will — most probably, businesses will shut down, people will lose their jobs (because there won’t be companies to work in).

I mean, more than 1 million Ukrainians migrated away from the country leaving everything behind. Do you think they saw it coming?


So, if the world is moving towards chaos and anything can happen at any time, why are you still working? Why am I still writing these public daily journals?

Because of hope! We all have high hopes that the coming future will be bright.

I will leave you with that.

I am writing a lot for the last few days — I am in the flow and not letting it go anytime soon.

Aiming to publish 2 detailed articles today.

See ya!

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