[Daily] 17 Jun 2022; Reading blog posts



It’s always great to read other people’s blogs and understand the different forms of writing. Over the last few days, I started opening the blogs from my blogs’ database and started reading random articles.

If you go through the content of successful blogs, you will not only learn about how to write better but you also get several ideas to implement new things for your blog. It’s always fun.

Yesterday, I was reading the HolisticSEO.digital blog by Koray and learned so many things about writing in-depth articles.

Today, I am going through the site VPNmentor.com and looking at how they manage and optimize their website’s content. For your information, it’s the affiliate site that’s been recently sold for $150,000,000.

And I do not just look at the site’s content but also try to understand the permalink structure and the whole site structure. I have even emailed some site owners asking about how they have structured their posts on the site.

It’s fun.

8:35 AM

Love this tweet, it shows the reality.

Today, I will be writing another post for Untalked SEO and then will be exploring some random things.

Let’s see how it all goes.

See ya!

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