[Daily] 9 Mar 2022; Public brain dump



I write about lots of stuff on this personal website and I was really confused about what to call this site in public — now I have got it, it’s my public brain dump.

I don’t control the quality of what I put here on the website, everything and anything that comes to the mind is posted here. But if anyone is curious, he/she can find lots of great things on the site — everything is messy, I admit, but there sure are some great things.

In fact, apart from my daily public journal, I am also writing some essays regularly these days.

Today, I have to write the 2nd post about the progress of the blog that I’m building in public. I have publically committed that I will be writing weekly updates on this blog, Medium, Indie Hackers, and LinkedIn.

It’s doesn’t have to be very long, the post just has to contain everything that I am doing on the website. I should not worry about being insightful or teaching the readers anything — just mention what I did and what the future plans are.

BTW, I have added the email subscription box on the site.

I have to write a lot of things today, for Untalked SEO, for Indie Hackers, and for compile.blog.

Let’s do it, let’s get started.

See ya!

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