Deepak K

πŸ‘‹ Yo! I’m Deepak.

Mainly, I write about business and technology.

I’ve been paying my bills by writing on the internet since 2015. Plus, I'm exploring some other things too.

Here’s what I exactly do:

I write...

I’ve always loved writing. Whether it’s my personal journal or a public blog post – it’s fun to write. Initially, I struggled with writing but it got better with time (you'll see πŸ˜‹).

Some of the best ones that I’ve written:

πŸš€ My Complete Writing Process

πŸš€ Hitbik Story - Lessons Learned from a Failed Startup

πŸš€ Engineering as Marketing - The Ultimate Growth Hack

πŸš€ Cost - Price - Value

πŸš€ Everything about a Marketing Technopologist

πŸš€ What a Millennial Wants from the Internet

πŸš€ 10 Reasons Why Your Blog is NOT Growing

πŸš€ 30+ Types of High Performing Content Marketing Ideas

I read...

I love to read too - mostly online articles but also books sometimes.

Here’s a list of blogs that produce high-quality contents and that I really love:

πŸš€ The Blogs Database

I create...

I create stuff on the internet.

πŸš€ A blog on blogging and technology tips.

πŸš€ Personal Websites List: A list of 100+ personal websites with 15+ data points.

πŸš€ 100 Exposed: Useful and detailed lists for makers.

πŸš€ Aspiring Youths: A huge knowledge library for students.

πŸš€ A blog about electric vehicles.

Important links...

πŸš€ A list of creators I admire

πŸš€ Creating the blogging hub

πŸš€ Taking public raw notes on things I learn

πŸš€ Reading β€œSpent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior”(Books)