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I recently moved my personal site (the one you’re currently on) from Gatsby + Netlify to self-hosted WordPress.

I received a few DMs from my Twitter friends that they liked the site and they would like to know what tools and tech I used to create this. Finally, I decided to put together the list of everything that I used to create the site.

Tools used:

  • WordPress
    • Theme — Twenty Twenty
    • Plugins
      • Twentig — to further customize the Twenty Twenty theme
      • LiteSpeed Cache — for caching (the best one I have ever used)
      • Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags — for link previews on social media
      • XML Sitemaps — to generate automatic sitemap
      • 301 Redirects — to 301 redirect any internal page to an external or another internal page
      • Akismet Anti-Spam — to block out spam comments and form entries
      • WP Sweep — to clean up unused, orphaned, and duplicate data
      • All-in-one WP Migration — to download manual backups of the site on a regular basis
      • Auto Upload Images — to automatically upload external images to the WordPress media folder
      • Insert Headers and Footers — to add Google Analytics and other JS & CSS code snippets in the site’s header or footer
    • Fonts — Space Grotesk
    • Colors
      • Black — #000000
      • Blue — #007ACC
  • Hosting
    • DigitalOcean — Sign up using this link and get $100 credits that will last for months on Digital Ocean
    • Cyberpanel — Used this app to create the droplet
    • Cloudflare — for extra security and DNS management

And no, I am not using any SEO plugin.

That’s it.

If you have a related query, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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