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My personal site, (i.e. this one), was being powered by Gatsby + Netlify for almost a year and was working great. But then I got bored one day and decided to move everything to WordPress so that I can have the best SEO support and more customization flexibility.

And, then I moved the site to WordPress. It took me a whole day but it’s all worth it at the end of the day.

Some of the challenges that I faced during the migration process were:

  • It was boring and very time-consuming to copy-paste all the posts from the previous site to the new WordPress site.
  • I had to fingure out a way to automaticaly upload all the external images to the WordPress media folder. I took the help of this WordPress plugin for that.
  • Another challenge was to keep the original posting dates same as earlier so after publishing I went through each and every post to match the original dates.
  • To keep the permalink same as earlier, I had to, again, go through all the posts one by one and make the permalink same.

Probably, there might have been some easier ways to migrate but I didn’t look for anything like that and started by going through each and every post one by one and copy-pasting them into the WordPress. The best thing was, the texts retained all the formatting.

I kept the permalink structure, the same as earlier so that I won’t have to add hundreds of 301 redirects manually.

Apart from this, there were no major issues that I faced. Yes, it took a lot of time though.

See, what tools and tech I used to create this website

Update: Dec 22, 2021

A major issue that I encountered is the caching problem. A previous version (i.e. Gatsby + Netlify one) of the site is cached in the peoples’ browsers who have ever visited my site. And, now whenever someone tries to open the new website, it opens the older version if that page was available in the earlier version.

As of now, the only solution I have figured out is manually clearing the browser cache, but the issue is how can I convey that message to the visitors if they see the older site? How would they know that a newer version is available?

If you want, here’s a guide that will help you clear your browser’s cache.

Yes, there are not a lot of visitors on the site but still, it needs to be fixed. Yesterday, I sent a post’s link to a friend and the old version was visible to her.

I am sure there must be a way to fix this — looking for this.

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