Always Have Two Blogs

A business blog and a personal blog are two different things. Both have their own benefits but people often get confused between them.

A business blog is where you write for the sake of earning money but on a personal blog, you write to maybe get better at writing or just for documenting your journey.

I recommend having 2 blogs — a business blog from where you make money and a personal blog where you document your journey.

On a personal blog, you write about what you want but on a business blog, you write about what your users want.

A business blog:

  • Makes you money
  • Finds business opportunities
  • Promotes your business
  • Brings customers, etc.

And, a personal blog:

  • Improves your writing
  • Keeps you in the loop
  • Broadens your perspective on life
  • Relieves your stress, etc.

The blog, that you’re currently reading, is a personal blog where I am documenting my journey of moving forward. It helps me stay in the loop and here I can write about whatever I want without worrying about SEO, engagement, and the number of visitors.

That’s it.

What say?

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