The Learning Month

Every once in a while, I spend the entire month consuming a lot of content and learning something new that I haven’t properly explored earlier. Though, I am open to learning new things all the time, these learning months are special – I plan them.

Previously, the learning month was around September-October 2023 when I was diving deep into the world of AI and coming up with cool scripts for InvertedStone and also for SnapCloud. And now, February 2024 will be one when I am re-exploring WordPress and how I can build solid listing sites while using the techniques of programmatic SEO.

While I have been using WordPress since 2015, I haven’t built complex websites with complex themes and plugins tech-stack. But now I really want to, and you might be feeling my excitement from the tweet above.

So… as per the upcoming learning month’s plan, below is what I will be doing overall. And it’s simple:

  • Since I am trying to programmatically create a good-looking listing website on WordPress, I will be going through countless videos and forum posts to find the most suitable solution for my use case. As WordPress has tons of plugins and themes that can do the same thing, I will have to find the one that suits the best for my needs.
  • I will be comparatively less active on social media (unless I plan and schedule my posts in advance before the month starts). But I will definitely be open to suggestions and keep sharing my learnings – mostly on X and LinkedIn.
  • I will keep working on the existing important projects that cannot be delayed but will not be starting any new projects during the timeframe.
  • Apart from this WordPress thing, I will also be planning for the upcoming videos for the UntalkedSEO YouTube channel and if I have some time, I will spend some more time to fulfil my learning to code desire.
  • And yes, I also uninstall most of the time-killing apps from my phone during this time.

That’s it.

Let’s see how it goes. 🤞

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