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To be honest, I know nothing about web3 or web 3.0, yet. But recently, I have started to read and consume a lot of resources related to web3 and those will definitely help me understand all the core concepts.

I am collecting all the awesome resources that I go through in a nice Notion database as shown in the screenshot below.

Web 3.0 Resources List in Notion

Web3 Resources

I update this table after a while, but you can see the regularly updated version of this list here, as a Notion database.

or Source
The Ultimate Guide to Web 3.0 – Everything you need to know about Web 3.0Tweet@SuhailKakarWeb3Click to Open
WTF are DAPPs?TweetBernardodAppClick to Open
Why Decentralization Matters!ArticleChris DixonCrypto, DecentralizationClick to Open
Downloadable Web3 Icons [Free]GraphicsDeepak KCrypto, Graphic, Web3Click to Open
Web3 starter pack 🏄🏾‍♂️ – Google DocsGoogle DocsJay Drain Jr.Blockchain, DAO, DeFi, Ethereum, NFT, Web3, dAppClick to Open
Milk Road NewsletterNewsletterBen Levy & Shaan PuriCrypto, NFT, Web3Click to Open
The New Creator Economy – DAOs, Community Ownership, and CryptoeconomicsArticleNader DabitCreator Economy, DAO, NFT, Web3Click to Open
The Wonders of Web3 | ‎The Tim Ferriss Show: #542PodcastNaval Ravikant, Chris DixonCrypto, NFT, Web3Click to Open
A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web 3.0ArticleSuhail KakarWeb3, Web3.jsClick to Open
An extremely casual code review of MetaMask’s cryptoArticleMatthew GreenCrypto, MetaMaskClick to Open
What is Web3? The Decentralized Internet of the Future ExplainedArticleNader DabitDAO, Privacy, Security, Web3Click to Open
@patriciamou_ Web3 CurationsAirtable@patriciamou_Crypto, DAO, NFT, VR, Web3Click to Open
Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)Articleethereum.orgDAOClick to Open
Everything you need to get started with Web 3.0 as a developerTweetVaishnavi DwivediBlockchain, Development, Web3Click to Open
Cycle of Creator EconomyTweet@kissingskyCreator Economy, Web3Click to Open
WTF are NFTs?Tweet@hey_bernieNFTClick to Open
What is a decentralized autonomous organization, and how does a DAO work?Articlecointelegraph.comDAOClick to Open
The Ultimate Guide to Web3 – What is Web3?ArticleMoralis BlogIPFS, Web3, Web3.js, dAppClick to Open
My First Impressions of Web3ArticleMoxie MarlinspikeBlockchain, NFT, Web3Click to Open
Web2 vs Web3Articleethereum.orgDecentralization, Web3Click to Open
Building Web 3.0 | Founder’s Field GuidePodcastTrevor McFedries, Patrick O’ShaughnessyNFT, Web3Click to Open
What Exactly is Web3? at Web3 Summit 2018VideoJuan BenetWeb3Click to Open
Web3 SolidityTweetKamran JavedDevelopment, Solidity, Web3Click to Open
Introduction to dAppsArticleethereum.orgDevelopment, dAppClick to Open
What’s the #1 example of a Web 3.0 solution being 5-10x better than the Web 2.0 option?Tweet@businessbaristaDecentralization, Privacy, Security, Web3Click to Open
Profitable Web 3.0 App Ideas You Can BuildVideoDapp UniversityWeb3, dAppClick to Open
Web3 developer roadmapTweetKacie AhmedDevelopment, Metaverse, Web3Click to Open
What is Web3? What are NFTs all about?Tweet@elliottaleksndrNFT, Web3Click to Open
Explaining Blockchain: The Distributed Ledger of the Island of YapArticleAnthony RivaBlockchainClick to Open
⏳ Last updated: Jan 29, 2022 | View the regularly updated version

Currently, the web3 topic is very new and there are only a few good resources to learn about it. In fact, checking on Google Trends made me realize how new the topic is as compared to bitcoin.

I have attached the Google Trends screenshot here that shows the worldwide search data of web3 and bitcoin in the past 5 years.

See that blue line that seems to be connected with the x-axis? Yes, that’s for web3.

Interesting, right?

I have made the list, that I was collecting for my personal use, public. If you’re learning about web3, do take a look.

Or, call it a web3 reading list.

That’s it.

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