Apart from the affiliate websites that I’m mainly into, here are some other fun projects…


A blog where I and Bikash share our SEO experience through useful guides and case studies.

I am building and growing the blog in public and sharing the learnings.

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A comprehensive operating system for your programmatic SEO projects that helps you master the craft and save 100s of hours.

This is all you need to learn programmatic SEO.

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A human-powered blog planning service that turns your blog into an effective traffic and lead-generating machine.

In simple words, we plan blog posts.

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A blog about online privacy where we (Rohit and myself) educate our readers about the risks of not protecting their privacy and what they can do about it.

We don’t monetize the site.

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A business & tech blog providing information related to marketing and productivity.

The blog is monetized via affiliate promotion and receives more than 10k monthly visitors.

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Personal Websites

A collection of 150+ handpicked cool personal websites.

It helps get design & content ideas for your personal site and saves tens of hours in research.

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CN Movies

A collection of movies directed by Christopher Nolan.

An experiment for Programmatic SEO.

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One-line Dad Jokes

Well, this is a kind of fun project. It’s a collection of hilarious one-liner dad jokes that will leave you chuckling.

I have no idea why I have done this.

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OpenAI Price Calculator

A set of calculators that calculate the estimated costs of using OpenAI language and image models.

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Notion Progress Bar

A simple Notion tool that helps you create custom progress bar formulas for databases.

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Other projects

A collection of all the failed and successful projects that I have started from 2015 to date.

Even the silly ones.

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