Apart from the affiliate websites, here are other projects…

Untalked SEO

A blog where I and Bikash share our SEO experience through useful guides and case studies.

I am building the blog in public and sharing the learnings.

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Personal Websites

A collection of 150+ handpicked cool personal websites.

It helps get design & content ideas for your personal site and saves tens of hours in research.

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A business and tech blog where you will find information related to business, marketing, productivity, and technology.

It has 10k+ monthly visitors.

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Aspiring Youths

An education blog for Indian students that provides free study materials.

The website receives 60,000+ monthly page views.

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CN Movies

A collection of movies directed by Christopher Nolan.

An experiment for Programmatic SEO

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One-line Dad Jokes

Well, this is a kind of fun project. It’s a collection of hilarious and hilarious one-liner dad jokes that will leave you chuckling.

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Other projects

A collection of all the failed and successful projects that I have started from 2015 to date.

Even the silly ones.

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