Beginners Can’t Keep Things Simple

Been there, done that!

When I first started to blog in 2015, the blog looked like a news site — no blank space anywhere and flashy objects everywhere on the site. But now… I prefer to keep things simple — not even a sidebar on the blog. Nobody likes to go through a messy web page and I wish that I understood this thing sooner.

In the below image, you can see how my blog looked like when I first started and how it looks now.

DeepakNess blog design evolution

And not just in the case of blogging, whatever thing I start doing, it’s always messy and complicated at first and then I learn ways to do it in a simple way. I am sure developers will also relate to this, first, they learn to just code and then they learn to write clean code.

Recently, a friend of mine came to me for some help with setting up his new WordPress blog, I’m telling you, I got tired of convincing him that a simple-looking theme works much better than a magazine-like theme. He didn’t listen to me at all, and then I remembered my early days.

People who have actually achieved something give simpler advice.

Yes, try reaching out to people who have actually achieved something in the field and ask for some help, most probably, they will give you very simple advice.

Somewhere I read a story that, once a person saw a baby butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon and the person helped it get out, but the butterfly dies soon after. Why? Because that struggle is the thing that makes the butterfly become strong and survive in the new world.

It’s the same in our case!

Even if you tell a newbie what works the best from your years of experience, most likely they won’t understand unless they do what they want and then fail.

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