How I got Started with Writing

It was 2015 when I started writing.

But let me explain the background story a bit here:

Neither I had a computer at my home nor a computer as a subject at my school. I got to use a laptop in 2013 when my father got me one.

It was fascinating, the internet thrilled me. And, whenever I had some time after my studies, I would browse the internet and play some games on my laptop but nothing meaningful. I joined the college in 2014 and the first year was very tough – classes from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

But… from 2nd year (2015), I started getting some time after college and started exploring the internet when I found out that you could even start a website for free and write.

And, I did that. I created a free blog and started writing some poorly constructed articles on random topics. My writing skill was terrible but I was enjoying writing.

Without having any expectations out of this, I kept doing the same for almost 2 years. I would write an article and send it to a few friends and even 5-10 monthly views would excite me.

But… everything got changed one day when met my friend Jackson. He told me, “why are you writing if you’re not getting anything out of this?” and then I got to know that you can even earn money writing.

I started researching and collecting information on how I can make money by writing. After watching other bloggers making tons of money, I was convinced that blogging CAN earn me money.

I started a few new blogs too but all failed. Reason? Because I had started focusing only on earning money now while my writing skill was still not good.

Eventually, I learned that content is the king. You should focus 80% of your time and effort on creating great contents and the rest 20% on distributing it.

I worked hard to improve my writing skills, and after finishing college in 2018, started blogging full time.

Yes, I agree that it took me years to earn a penny from blogging but the journey throughout taught me a lot of things related to business, marketing, etc.

I believe, writing online is the very first step to getting started in the online business field. Blogging takes time but you learn a lot on the way.

Blogging tests your patience and determination.

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2 responses to “How I got Started with Writing”

  1. Tahir Zaman Avatar
    Tahir Zaman

    I get a rich idea after reading your first step for content writing.
    Thank you so much for motivation.

    1. Glad it helped, Tahir. All the best for your writing projects.

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