Cloudflare Pages vs Netlify – Detailed Comparison

Netlify is the first choice for most developers when it comes to hosting static sites and web applications.

Not anymore!!!

With the most generous free tier, Cloudflare Pages is all set to compete with Netlify on this front. And, I believe, it can be the next number 1 choice to host JAMstack sites.

Cloudflare Pages vs Netlify

Look at Cloudflare Pages comparisons with Netlify, below:

Cloudflare Pages vs Netlify [Feature Comparison]

Most of the features are almost similar to that of Netlify. But, Cloudflare Pages wins when it comes to collaboration and security.

DetailsCloudflare PagesNetlify
Custom DomainYes (Free)Yes (Free)
SSL (HTTPS)Yes (Free)Yes (Free)
Git-based WorkflowsYesYes
Serverless FunctionsYesYes
DNS ManagementYesYes
Continuous DeploymentYesYes
Build PreviewYesYes
Build PreviewYesYes
Global CDNYesNo
Unlimited CollaboratorsYesNo

Cloudflare Pages vs Netlify [Pricing Comparison]

DetailsCloudflare PagesNetlify
Free Tier$0 per month$0 per month
Concurrent Build(s)11
Build Capacity500 builds/month300 minutes/month
No. of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited
BandwidthUnlimited100 GB
Team MembersUnlimited1
First Paid Plan$20 per month$19 per month
Concurrent Build(s)53
Build Capacity5000 builds/month1000 minutes/month
No. of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited
BandwidthUnlimited400 GB
Team MembersUnlimited$19/member/month

Cloudflare Pages offer default URL whereas Netlify offers Meaning, if you’re not willing to add a custom domain to your app, it will look something like in Cloudflare Pages.

However, Netlify lets you change the default subdomain name.

That’s it.

Let’s see what happens to the Cloudflare Pages in the near future.

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