Everything is Just a Coincidence

Even if things go as planned, I’d call it a coincidence.

The world is full of uncertainty; and if anything becomes certain or goes as planned, it is just a coincidence.

Let me provide you with an example:

Let’s say, I’m about to meet my girlfriend the next Sunday. Now, what are the reasons to meet? Because we love each other and want to spend some time together.

But… reasons due to which I can’t meet her are numerous (or, probably unlimited):

  • I got ill just a few days before the meeting
  • I met an accident and couldn’t go
  • suddenly, there’s a cyclone warning in the area
  • the government has imposed 2 weeks lockdown
  • I got a meeting with a big client
  • I experienced food poisoning and got hospitalized
  • the car, I’m traveling in, stopped and didn’t start
  • I saw an injured person and took him/her to the hospital
  • my house caught fire and everything burnt

and, so on…

If things go as planned, you’re lucky.

If you’re working on something with full focus and dedication, it will increase the chances of that thing going as planned; but it’s still just a coincidence.

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