Blogging is Like Pre-school

Just like you do not get a job just after entering pre-school, you do not start earning immediately after starting to blog.

Blogging is just the entry point to the digital marketing world.

Once you start blogging, you do not just stop there, you will get to learn numerous business skills that help you survive in the digital marketing world. I have seen people getting started with just a simple blog and then running successful online businesses.

Blogging can help you master the following skills:

  • persuasive copywriting skills
  • good understanding of online businesses
  • effective marketing skills
  • technical skills related to websites/blogs
  • better speaking skills
  • amazing presentation skills, etc.

Most of the bloggers also start podcasts and YouTube channels later on, however, some prefer to keep blogging in the long term. And, you would agree that doing anything meaningful yields great results in the long run.

I’d suggest you think long-term, think about how you can expand the current blog in the next 1, 2, or 3 years. And, it doesn’t always have to be money, I love expressing my thoughts through writing so much that I can keep doing it for years even if I do not get any money out of it.

Yes, blogging can generate a lot of money but it also helps you 10 other ways that you’ll realize after doing it consistently for years.

Lastly, my suggestion would be to get started with blogging, it teaches you things that you wouldn’t learn otherwise.

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