My Writing Journey

Apart from going through English poems and stories in school, I never ever used English for any form of communication until I was 18 (when I went to college).

It was Wednesday and English communication class was on the schedule on the very first day of my college. A big round table with 20 students, including me, sitting around it. The teacher provided everyone with a topic to speak a few lines on. We got 10 minutes to prepare. I noted 10 good points but could speak only the 2-3 lines once I went to the podium. I received 3 out of 10 that day.

Almost 1 year later, it was the same teacher, the same classroom but I received 10 out of 10 this time.

The decision to start reading and writing made all the difference. I started reading books & articles and started writing on random topics on my blog.

And, the more I read and wrote, the clearer it started to be that how powerful a good writing skill can be!

Over the years, I got myself so much into writing that I started writing regularly on my different blogs — I was loving it.

And, it gave me so much clarity that I did not even apply to any job after finishing college. I decided to start writing full-time.

After 2-3 unsuccessful blogs (due to bad planning and poor writing skill), I finally understood what it takes to be good at writing, and certainly, I have improved myself a lot.

However, one more benefit that came as the byproduct of consistent writing and reading was business understanding. I started to understand various aspects of a business and a lot of other things.

I wrote the very first article in 2015 and it has been an interesting journey ever since.

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