Do Nothing This Weekend

Do not start entertaining yourself whenever you get some free time — do not watch cat videos, do not talk to someone, or do not start watching a movie. It hampers your creativity.

Doing nothing is much like meditation.

Sometimes, you have to minimize the processes running inside your head. You’ve to set your mind completely free — it calms you down and helps you be creative.

And, you won’t disagree that most of the creative ideas come when there is no work assigned to your mind.

Well, doing completely nothing is not possible. You can only minimize the processes much like spiritual gurus advise you to focus only on your breath while meditating.

Some of the things that you can do this weekend are:

  • keep sitting in front of the window facing greeneries
  • keep sitting on your sofa without turning on the television
  • do not open your computer for a day
  • keep lying in the bed alone without your phone, etc.

And, some outcomes that may expect from this are:

  • a new business idea
  • a new writing topic idea
  • a new perspective of life
  • the solution to the bugs that you’ve been solving for the last 2 weeks, etc.

I would suggest you keep a notebook nearby to note down any interesting idea that you come across. But the idea should come naturally, you do not have to force yourself to ideate.

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