Random Internet Browsing

Whenever I don’t feel like working, I go into this random internet browsing mode.

What is this? Let me explain:

Most of the time, I have my day planned. I’d keep a simple to-do list for each day inside Obsidian or Notion or sometimes using the Momentum Chrome extension.

But… sometimes I would not plan the day. I’d just start opening interesting links from unread emails, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google interesting terms that I come across.

Also, I love looking at people’s personal websites and I do not miss one if I come across someone’s on Twitter or anywhere else. In fact, I’ve created a collection of 150+ personal websites that I found to be cool.

To be honest, I absolutely love this mode. As I have no plans, my mind stays relaxed and I get a lot of writing topic ideas and other cool ideas. Sometimes, I’ve even been able to get the solution to some problems that I was stuck on for several days.

However, this mode prevents active thinking. Meaning, you can’t make yourself think about any topic specifically. You just let yourself flow without knowing anything about the destination.

Random internet browsing mode broadens my perspective by showing different possibilities related to business and personal life. Like I didn’t know anything about selling printed potatoes until last week. 😅

A tweet showing someone selling printed potatoes

Random internet browsing ensures that you’re not just another frog in the well.

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