Future of Folders and Files

How frequently do you open the file explorer on your smartphone?

Probably, rarely. Because you don’t need to.

If you want to see pictures, open the gallery app; if you want to see PDFs, open the PDF viewer app and if you want to see the downloaded content on YouTube or Netflix, just open the respective app.

Generally, you don’t need to open the file explorer app and scroll through multiple folders and files.

I think future kids won’t even know what folders and files were. 📁

Future kids won't know anything about folders and files

In fact, most apps’ files can’t be accessed through file explorer.

For example, if you downloaded a movie in the Amazon Prime app, there is no way to access that movie file from outside of the app. And almost all the media apps restrict access to their content from file explorer to prevent piracy.

However, my claim might be true for smartphones and tablets in general, and may not be for computers (at least for the next few years).

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