Future Computers (Prediction)

I believe the computers of the future will require very low specs to operate — just 1-2 gigabytes of RAM will be enough. And, blazing fast internet and cloud computing are the terms to support the claim.

All the high-resource computer processes will be executed in the cloud and the end devices will only handle the highly compressed data.

As of now, the best example that I can think of is Mighty App — Chrome browser on steroids. With even 100s of tabs, it’s never going to be slow as all the heavy processes are handled in the cloud and your computer only handles a live stream/feed.

Mighty App

If all the heavy processes are handled by the computers in the cloud, the amount of compressed data sent to the end-device will be more, and to load that quickly, there has to have fast internet.

On a different note, we won’t even need to install apps on our smartphones as everything is being handled by cloud computers. Just enter the app’s name and all the required app files will be loaded on the fly each time you’ve to use it.

Anyways, let’s see what happens.

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