My Work Setup

While most of the time I prefer working on my laptop screen, sometimes, I do use an external monitor when I am multitasking. And below has been my setup for over 4 years now.

In the above photo, you are looking at…

  • MacBook Air 13 with M2
  • Samsung 22-inch Monitor
  • MAONO AU-A04 Microphone, and
  • Fake plastic plants

I love my current setup and don’t feel the need to upgrade it anytime soon.

Yes, I don’t use a mouse because my work mostly revolves around writing, and not having a mouse doesn’t make a lot of difference. And I’m habituated to this as well.

And I don’t mind all the visible wires as well.

If I decide to upgrade my setup, I would just be upgrading my laptop and maybe… maybe my external screen. Apart from these, everything else would definitely stay the same.

See what I’m doing now!

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