What You Can Do with Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO is a technique to publish multiple dynamic pages at once, but people are often confused about the different things it can be used for.

Hint: pSEO is not just for creating blog posts in bulk.

In this post, I will be explaining different ways you can implement the techniques of programmatic SEO on your website.

Let’s get to it, then…

1. Comparison pages

You can use programmatic SEO to create comparison pages to compare two or more entities with each other, and there are several examples of it. The one simple example that I like is what Web3Forms has done comparing all its competitors, as you see in the below screenshot.

Comparison using pSEO

You can compare entities side-by-side in a tabular format or one after another in bullet point format. Not only that, you do the comparisons as a simple blog post as well. And pSEO provides you with the flexibility to do all that easily.

If you create content for promoting affiliate products on your website, then creating comparison pages using programmatic SEO can be a winning strategy in the long run.

2. Alternatives pages

I have seen many companies targeting keywords like alternatives of {competitor} where they would present themselves as the best alternative to their competitors. And if your company has, let’s say, 20 competitors, you can design a good page template and publish all those 20 pages instantly.

Alternatives using pSEO 1
Alternatives using pSEO 2
Alternatives using pSEO 3

The best example is Moosend where it’s targeting its biggest competitors and then presenting itself as the best alternative, as you can see in the above images. Moosend is ranking in the top #5 for most of these terms, and you can imagine how much valuable organic traffic it must be getting.

3. Blog-style pages

Creating blog-style pages is the most common use of pSEO as it’s very simple and easy to set up. If you’re on WordPress, you can easily use plugins like WP All Import to build multiple blog-style pages within no time.

pSEO in Blog Style in WP

For readers, these pSEO pages seem like simple, manually written blog posts. But for that, you need to have a really great page template designed. The above screenshot contains an example of a blog-style pSEO page, created in WordPress.

4. Landing pages

Creating landing pages using pSEO is a bit difficult, but they can be a super valuable resource if done well. WordPress is not very suitable for creating bulk landing pages, but some other tools or platforms can be used.

Landing pages using pSEO

Make.com is the best example of programmatic SEO in the style of landing pages, as you can see in the above screenshot. The page is SEO-friendly and has a clear CTA for the users (or, their potential customers).

5. Tools and calculators

Yes, you can even build multiple tools and calculators using the techniques of pSEO as well. Just write the HTML and the JavaScript logic inside the Google Sheets itself or in whatever dataset system you are using.

Calculator using pSEO

TheFractionCalculator is a great pSEO example where it’s creating multiple pages with simple calculators and getting more than 80k monthly organic traffic. In fact, this is possible even with WordPress by using the WP All Import plugin.

Tools using pSEO

On a more advanced level, you can take a look at what VEED has been doing by creating 100s of free tools on the concept of engineering as marketing and attracting millions of relevant monthly visitors.

6. Data-focused pages

It requires a complex setup, but if you have a lot of data about something, then you can also create data-focused pages with charts and huge tables by using the technique. If the data doesn’t change very frequently, then it’s a bit easier.

Charts using pSEO

SteamCharts is a good example of data-focused pages where they have separate pages for tracking each Steam game and data is very frequently updated as well.

That’s it.

I hope you get some ideas about the possibilities and what you can do with programmatic SEO. And I’m sure there are tons of other kinds of pages you can build apart from what I mentioned in the list here.

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