Overthinking is a Matrix

Ever find yourself thinking too much about something and can’t stop? That’s overthinking. It’s like being stuck in a matrix in your mind, and it happens when you’re not confident about something or have been procrastinating for some time.

Think of overthinking as being trapped in a matrix or a maze. Getting out seems hard, but actually, you can escape this matrix more easily than you think. All it takes is a little nudge to remind yourself to stop worrying and start doing something.

And when you catch yourself overthinking, try to let go of the need for everything to be perfect. Just take a small step towards doing something, anything really. If you’re really stuck, talking to a friend or someone you trust can help a lot. They certainly help you see things differently and get out of the matrix.

So, next time you find yourself going round and round in your head, remember it’s okay to not have all the answers.

Just start small with what you can do right now.

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