Deepak K

Tools I Use

July 10, 2021

I am very choosy when it comes to the tools that I use for writing, blogging, and creating on a regular basis. I won’t use the ones that show annoying ads and has a terrible user experience.

Even if a tool is working just fine, I would keep looking for better alternatives. I try everything and then settle at the one.

Okay, enough bragging! Let’s get to my tools stack:

An excellent Chrome extension that lets you take full or partial screenshots of the webpages. It has some amazing annotation features.

I use Notion to manage my all personal and collaborative projects. Yes, the initial set up may seem difficult to some people but it’s very easy to use after that.

Notion is free to use but I use the Personal Pro version for some extra features.

Zoho Vault is the best password manager I’ve ever used. It’s free and 100% secure to use.

Right now, I’m using the tool as Chrome estension, Firefox exetension and Android app.

All the websites that I’ve created using WordPress are hosted on Digital Ocean — it’s crazy fast and affordable.

In fact, I have been able to receive a full 100 score on Google Lighthouse for one of my WordPress websites.

I use MailerLite to send emails and to capture leads for all my websites. It’s affordable and reputation is great too.

Gumroad is a great platform to host your digital products. I use it host all the paid and free mini products that I create.

And, the best thing is it’s not just a product hosting website. Gumroad lets you specifically target your customers and send them emails.

Earlier I used Gravit for all my graphics needs. But now I have moved to Figma and you can pretty much design any kind of graphic for social media and website.

Earlier I used Notion for writing but realized later that Notion is not for the writers.

Now, I use Obsidian to write everything from journals to my blog posts. It works offline and has a powerful fast search option.

That’s it.

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