Microsoft To Do App to Note Down Writing Ideas

I discovered this hack only a while ago and I am so glad that I did. It has certainly improved my productivity by reducing some of the friction points.

Here, I am talking about the Microsoft To Do app (not to mention that it’s completely free to use). I have been using the app for more than 2 years to manage multiple tasks but never in the way that I am going to explain here.

Microsoft To Do App Look

Writing ideas → Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do app lets you create unlimited lists that you can use for different projects or parts of your life.

For example, I have created a list called writing ideas where I quickly note down all the writing-related ideas that I ever get.

How I use Microsoft To Do App for Noting Down Writing Ideas
A screenshot of how I use the Microsoft To Do app to note down writing ideas

Some of the benefits of noting down writing ideas into the Microsoft To Do app are:

1. It’s faster and user friendly

In the past, I have tried multiple other ways like NotionMomentum Chrome extension, Google Sheets, etc. to note down writing ideas but none of these were as fast as Microsoft To Do app.

Whether you’re using Windows 10, Windows 11, Android, or iOS, it opens quickly everywhere and you’ll be able to add an idea with just 2-3 clicks.

Also, its interface looks very simple yet elegant to use. There are so many interesting features in the app, still, it doesn’t look flooded or clumsy.

2. Use it from any device

The best thing is, I can use it either from my Windows 11 laptop or from my Android smartphone.

For example, if I get an idea while working then I’d note it down from my laptop, and if I get an idea while walking or when I am away from my computer, I’ll note it down to the same list from my smartphone.

As of now, the app is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Web.

3. Add context to the ideas

If you just note down the idea in one line without adding some context to it, there are high chances that you’ll forget it quickly.

But not here…

Microsoft To Do app lets you add text notes, files, steps, due dates, reminders, etc. to a single To Do item. Not just that, you can also assign someone to a particular task in the lists that are shared with your colleagues.

ms todo expanded

The above screenshot shows how you can add context to the ideas — text notes as well as related files.

4. Add due dates and reminders

If you have a due date for a writing task and you want to be reminded a day before the due date so that you do not miss it, it’s possible to do that from the app.

Just add a reminder date and time and the app will send a notification to your smartphone as well as to the computer (sadly, only Windows as of now).

5. Can be used in collaboration

Let’s say that you have 5 writers that manage a blog. You can add all of them to a list and assign each of the articles only that are relevant to them.

And, as soon as they complete, they will just have to check the item and it will get marked as completed.

In fact, writers, editors, and publishers can be added to the list and they will be checking a step after finishing. Take a look at the screenshot below:

How Todo Steps look on Mobile devices

You can create multiple steps like writing, editing, publishing, etc. in each of the Todo items and the respected guy will just have to check that step after completing the task.

Wrapping it up

Using the Todo app is a bonus if you’re already into the Microsoft Office ecosystem because it’s well integrated with the office suite.

However, it’s not just about the Microsoft app though. Any other todo app that offers similar features would also do that job.

📢 Also, don’t forget to see my complete writing process.

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