Digital Human = Duman

Recently, Facebook announced its involvement in the metaverse and explained how it’s going to be a part of the coming future. And, with the rise of the metaverse, digital humans will rise too.

Digital humans are AI-powered virtual 3D avatars that can be a part of a metaverse or a digital universe. They are digital versions of real humans.

The best example for a digital human is the Instagram model Miquela who is just a digital character of some unknown person and currently, the most popular digital human on the internet. On Instagram, she shares her life journey through photos and videos, obviously fake but relatable.

Meet duman Miquela on Instagram

Cool, right? Now you know how she got more than 3 million followers.

However, the word digital human seems long, there should be a single word to collectively define all the digital humans.

Digital Human = Duman?

Most certainly, yes.

If there can be a word like phygital which is a combination of physical and digital then why not duman?

First, let’s understand how the word “human” originated — in the 13th century, the word human came from a French word called “humain” but the word “humain” itself comes from the combination of two Latin words humus (means, the earth) and homo (means, man).

Simply put, a man from the earth is called a human and in the same way, a man from the digital world can certainly be called a duman.

I did some digging and found that the word duman means smoke in the Turkish language but in English, it doesn’t mean anything. Duman is the name of a rock band too but there’s also a death metal band called human.

To put the word in context, Lil Miquela is the most popular duman on Instagram.

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