Google Play Books is Love

If you have an Android device, no ebook reader app is better than Google Play Books — it’s time to start using it right away.

I have been using the app since January 2021 and it has made the reading process much better ever since. Yes, I agree that the marketplace is not as large as Kindle’s but it’s growing fast.

And the main highlight is, you can easily upload and manage any external .epub or .pdf file that you want to read. Yes, Kindle also has this feature but it’s easier on Google Play Books. If you turn on the Enable PDF uploading option in the app’s Settings, you should be able to upload PDFs (and EPUBs too) directly from the file manager (see the below screenshot).

Upload PDFs and EPUBs to Google Play Books

Google Play Books marketplace has some amazing eBooks as well as Audiobooks — of course, some are free and some are paid.

More features of Google Play Books that you will love

  • Offline reading — you don’t need to be always connected to the internet, you can download books while you’re connected for later reading
  • Highlights, bookmarks, and notes are automatically synced to the Google Drive associated with the same Google Account
  • Dictionary feature to immediately look up the meaning of difficult words
  • Customizable display — you can customize the display by changing the theme, font, and font size
  • Shelves — you can organize all your stuff by creating different shelves (see below screenshot)
How I Organize my eBooks on Google Play Books

One more feature that I love is, you can listen to eBooks. The app uses a text-to-speech function to convert text into audio.

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