Push Notifications = Distraction

An average smartphone user receives more than 46 push notifications every day, says a report. And imagine, how much of your valuable time would be lost if you unlock your phone 46 times to go through the notifications.

Push notifications are a distraction.

And, I am not here to tell you to turn off all the notifications. Yes, there might be some important ones too but most of them are just useless and do not require our attention. For example, why would you need to see 2 notifications every day from a movie ticket booking app about the upcoming movies? No, you certainly don’t need that. Next time when you have to go to a movie, you can then open the app and book a ticket.

As an experiment, I tried to analyze all the notifications that I get on my smartphone for 5 days and the results were shocking. On average, I received 37 notifications each day. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 9 from online shopping apps
  • 5 from online food ordering apps
  • 3 from movie and travel apps
  • 15 from social media apps, and
  • 5 from friends and family

And surprisingly, only 4 notifications required my immediate attention, and 7 were less important that I could hold till the end of the day. The rest 26 were just useless.

👀 Out of 37 notifications only 11 were of some value.

Now, I have turned off notifications from all the shopping, movie, travel, food ordering, and social media apps. And, I have already set up the email apps to send notifications only for the important emails (which is just 1-2 per day).

Nowadays, I get only 7-10 push notifications per day which are a lot lesser than earlier.

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