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Yes, I am a full-stalk blogger.

I blog about business and technology at compile.blog and whenever I find a person with a great blog, I start stalking them. I would try to find and consume all the good pieces of content the person has ever put out. Last week, I came across Nat Eliason and read almost all the blog posts that he has ever published on his blog.

I just love doing it and learning a lot of things on the way. In fact, I am maintaining a list of all the blogs that I have stalked since January 2021 — it’s more than 70 already.

How to stalk

Most of the time, a person who has a good blog also publishes content on multiple other platforms like Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., you just have to find all the platforms that the person is active on and then go through everything one by one.

I spend 3-5 days stalking a person — binge-read all the blog posts, binge-watch all the YouTube videos, and binge-listen to all the podcasts. Also, I follow the person on Twitter for regular updates.

In case you’re wondering why should you do that, Matthew Dicks writes:

Read more. It allows you to borrow someone else’s brain, and will make you more interesting at a dinner party.

Indeed! My process works exactly the same. You are consuming all their content, learning tips tricks, learning from their mistakes, and understanding how you can implement their ideas in your life or in your business.

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