The Blogs Database

write a lot and for that, I have to read a lot.

From January 2021, I decided to note down all the amazing blogs that I go through for personal use. I created a simple Notion database and started noting all the awesome blogs that I came across, as you can see in the screenshot below.

The Blogs Database

A few months later, Bikash suggested making the database public so that it may help others, and I did that. I have no way to track if it’s actually helping people but I guess it is.

The Blogs Database has the following data columns that I am collecting:

  • Blog name
  • Blog URL
  • Topic(s), and
  • Author (if a personal blog)

I use the Save to Notion Chrome extension to quickly save the blogs to the database β€” just with a few clicks.

You can use the database to find some really good blogs to read on almost any business and tech-related topic β€” just use the search function and type the topic name that you are searching amazing blogs for. I do it almost all the time.

πŸ‘‰Β Access the Blogs Database

And, if you think that your blog should be on the list, feel free to ping me on Twitter.

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