Writing – The Most Important Skill

Apart from the classes, I had nothing much to do when I was in college in 2015. I used to get bored and then I started a simple and free blog on WordPress.com’s platform — started writing about random things related to technology and what I had to study in mechanical engineering.

And now, I am so happy that I started to write in the early days of my career.

Writing taught me so many things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise — I understand business, technology, marketing, human behavior, and definitely a better overall understanding of life.

We never realize but having good writing skills helps us everywhere — from writing impressive emails to your boss to spreading words about your business on social media. A good writing skill even helps you create a better impression among the people you do late-night chats with.

And the rule of writing is simple — the more you write, the better you get. In other words — you learn writing by writing.

The best thing, writing doesn’t just help you with writing. It helps you think, it makes your thoughts clearer.

Writing is thinking.

And, when I am saying this, I am remembering my initial days when I started to write. I studied from a Hindi medium school where English was just a subject, not a medium of communication — I had never spoken a single line of English until I was 19.

But when I started, my writing (and, my thinking) started to become clearer. I started to think and that helped me become a better version of myself.

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