Benefits that I Get from Writing

Writing is the main skill that helped me become the person that I am today. To write a lot, you have to read a lot and that’s what helps you learn things that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Writing makes your thoughts clearer.

Whenever I have to deeply learn about a topic, I would start taking notes on everything that I go through. Just casually watching videos and reading articles doesn’t help me much. In fact, most of the time, I blog about the topics that I am currently learning.

Writing gives me knowledge

I have a decent knowledge of marketing and business, all thanks to my writing habits. Sometimes, I would choose a random business topic and try to write whatever comes to my mind, and it surprises me sometimes; I don’t even know how that concept, theory, or idea came out of me. If someone would have asked me the same thing, I would not have been able to explain but while freewriting, all these thoughts float in front of me.

For writing about a topic, I read about the topic and that gives me a lot of knowledge. In fact, it’s another way around, I write about the topics that I am currently reading about, generally.

Writing helps understand people

Writing about something consistently makes you able to understand people — somehow, I get a sense of how people are going to react to something. Of course, I am not an expert but I have started to understand the consumers’ behavior.

While writing, the thoughts become so clear that you start seeing and noticing things that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Writing helps me learn

Recently, I was talking to Bikash and he said that there are a lot of opportunities in Web3 so why don’t we start learning about it. I loved the idea, and started learning about it; taking notes on everything I read and go through in a Notion database.

I have done it many times though, whenever I have to learn about a new topic, just start going through free resources on the internet and then keep writing down all your progress.

Writing helps me be known

At least 10, if not more, people have contacted me via my blog and platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to help them with their content marketing strategy. Fun fact, I do not even mention anywhere that I do content strategy — that’s all the power of writing.

I think video content might be the future but still, the original content happens to be in the written format. Video content is just the repurposed format of written content, generally.

Writing brings opportunities

Writing has brought me so many opportunities in the past. I have worked with two big startups in the US and one in Italy — and the best thing is, they contacted me. I have written a detailed case study of working with one of the US companies.

Recently, I have been contacted by a Bangalore-based startup (metaverse related) to join as a full-time employee and you know, I am considering that offer. And, if you are wondering how they reached out, one of the founders sent me a message saying, “I’m impressed by your writing style and your understanding of marketing, let’s work together”.

See, writing does help!

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