Hello, WordPress 6.3!

I just upgraded most of my sites to the all-new WordPress 6.3 which got released on Aug 8, 2023. It’s been only a few hours since I am exploring different options in the version, but loving it already. Some of the most interesting features, that I have discovered so far are:

  1. Details block: I can now create accordions without having to add a third-party plugin just for that. Honestly, it was much needed, at least for me.
  2. Site Editor: Another fav thing about 6.3 is the new and improved Site Editor. Managing different templates and patterns is a lot easier now. Also, the ability to land on the same page when clicking on the Edit Site button is amazing.
  3. Synced patterns: I used Reusable Blocks a lot and the improved version of it came as synced patterns that can be managed right inside the Site Editor. It’s a good thing because earlier, to create a reusable block, you had to create a new sample page and then do all the editing and formatting. But it’s definitely better to create and manage those patterns now.
  4. Style Revisions: Sometimes, after changing the design, I want to go back to the old look at something. It wasn’t possible back then, but it’s totally possible with the Style Revisions now.
  5. Top Toolbar: The toolbar that appears when editing a block is also a lot improved now, especially, the ability to easily navigate through nested blocks.

Apart from these, WordPress 6.3 has also got some serious performance boosts as explained in their release docs “along with block template resolution, image lazy-loading, and the emoji loader, can dramatically improve your website’s perceived load time”.

I will be playing more with the new Site Editor, and I am sure there is much more interesting stuff than I have discovered as of now.

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