How to Buy an Online Course

Came across an online course that seems amazing and you feel like buying it right away?

Wait! Read this before you buy.

The landing pages of online courses are created to impress you. All the content, designs, testimonials are put in such a way that it becomes tough to not buy the course.

You will also find other famous YouTubers and bloggers recommending the course.

So, are these red flags? Does it mean that the course is not good?

No, not necessarily.

But you should always verify if the course is really good. Here’s how to do that:

  • Google ”{the course name} scam” and if anyone has written a bad review, it’ll appear
  • Go to forums like Quora and Reddit and search by the name of the course
  • Ask your social media friends if the course is worth buying

This way, you will be able to know the reality of the course and the chances of regretting after buying will be reduced.

Most of the online courses are very basic and they do not worth the money that you pay.

To be honest, I’ve never bought a single online course. I prefer going through the documentation and other free resources available.

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