Why I Love Twitter

I joined Twitter in 2014 and was never really active. Sometimes, I just used to passively consume blogging-related content, but that too rarely.

But these days, I am actively participating in the discussions and kind of moderately active on Twitter. And, within a month, now I’ve raised my followers from 85 to 100. 🎉

Coming back to the main question: why do I love Twitter?

Well, I’m on the other platforms too – Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, and whatnot. But Twitter is the only platform that I believe doesn’t push unnecessary content that I don’t like. If you scale down the browser tab, it doesn’t even show you the trending topics on the right side.

You will only see the contents from the people you follow.

As of now, I have followed 280+ people and most of them are bloggers, developers, writers, and indie hackers.

And, the amount of value I receive from them is huge. Whenever I open Twitter, it presents mind-blowing tweets coming from the people I follow.

I agree that some people accuse Twitter of having too much hatred, but to be honest, I have never had any such experiences – maybe because I have very few followers.

Also, I’ve been hearing some news about Twitter getting banned in India. Hope that doesn’t happen.


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