Ideas are Volatile

Note down ideas as soon as you get… because you won’t be able to retain even till the next morning.

I wish I had started to note down all the raw ideas that I got, sooner.

While browsing Twitter, reading a blog post, or watching a YouTube video; you may get a groundbreaking idea at any time. And, most probably, you won’t even remember the idea till the next morning.

Ideas are highly volatile.

If you don’t note down the ideas somewhere, there are almost 100% chances that you will forget them very soon.

You won’t disagree that the best ideas come at unexpected times, in the shower or while traveling. And, it’s always advisable to write them down in whichever way you feel comfortable, on paper, on your smartphone, or computer.

I use the Google Keep app on my phone to note down all the ideas that I get at unexpected times. Later, I’d review them and add them to a Notion page with all the thought-out details.

Nowadays, I do not struggle with the topics to write on. I just open up my ideas dashboard, pick one topic that I like, and would start writing.

If you’re a blogger, the one free piece of advice that I’d like to give you is to start reading others’ blogs in your niche. You will get tons of ideas from there, note down everything and your life will become easier.

That’s it.

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