Everything about a Marketing Technopologist

Marketing + Technology + Social Anthropology = Marketing Technopology

And, Social anthropology is the study of patterns of behavior in human societies and cultures.

So… in simple words:

A person who knows well about marketing, technology and social interaction is a marketing technopologist.

I believe, the word “Marketing Technopologist” first appeared in a WSJ article (in 2008) titled “The Secrets of Marketing in a Web 2.0 World”.

Marketing Technopologist

Skills of a Marketing Technopologist

Below are the 3 main ones:

1. Understands Marketing

Gone are those days when the tools based on mass reach were used to do the magic. And, marketing technopologists know that.

They stay away from such mass outreach tools and try to understand the impacts of technological advancements on society & media. They continuously evolve, experiment, and adapt new marketing techniques.

Marketing technopologists don’t walk away from traditional marketing tools but are also open to new digital ways of business.

2. Understands Technology

While marketing technopologists might not have enough working knowledge, they understand technology.

They know what feasible solution can be made possible using their current tech stack. They don’t offer sweeping remarks when it comes to technology.

Marketing technopologists foresee the impact of digital technology on society and culture.

3. Understands People

Why does marketing fail? Because the marketers don’t understand their target audience enough.

Brands succeed when they break through in culture. – Douglas Holt

Marketing technopologists understand the cultural, religious, political, and economic arrangements in human societies where their target audience lives in.

That’s it.

Food for thought:

Can a marketing technopologists be called brand manager 2.0?

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