Difference Between Professionals and Amateurs

In short, the main difference between professionals and amateurs is – mindset.

Let’s see each of the differences one by one:

  • Professionals take responsibility. Amateurs blame others.
  • Professionals focus on going further. Amateurs go faster.
  • Professionals focus on getting the best outcome. Amateurs focus on being right.
  • Professionals think in probabilities. Amateurs think in absolutes.
  • Professionals value consistency. Amateurs value isolated performance.
  • Professionals learn from disagreements. Amateurs see disagreements as threats.
  • Professionals focus on lesser things. Amateurs try to be the best at everything.
  • Professionals focus on their strengths. Amateurs try to improve their weaknesses.
  • Professionals never give up. Amateurs give up after failing.
  • Professionals have a process. Amateurs have a goal.
  • Professionals don’t stop after achieving something. Amateurs stop.

That’s it.

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