Never Understood What People Might Want

I have this habit of thinking about what people might be interested in buying and what they would never buy, and I get it wrong all the time. I have rarely anticipated it right.

For example, for more than a year, I have been using a setup of Google Sheets and the OpenAI API to create descriptions and pretty much all different kinds of text content. Over the last few months, several people suggested that I sell the setup to others, but I didn’t consider the idea. And the main reason was that I thought, there are already several extensions and plugins for that, so why would anyone buy a simple script from me?

And that “why” has always deceived me.

After my friend Bikash also suggested making the setup available for others, I thought of giving it a try. I listed the script on Gumroad, created a landing page, launched it on Product Hunt, and then tweeted about it. And to my surprise, tens of people have bought that simple script that I didn’t consider sellable.

What am I doing next?

After failing to see and understand what might people be interested in, I will now try to think less and directly list for sale — I’ll just put another buy button on the internet. And if it works, good, if doesn’t, I will swiftly take it down.

Simple, right?

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