The Simplest QR Code Generator

A few months ago, I did not have the skills to create simple web based tools, I just didn’t know where to start. But now, things have changed and I understand these things better, and I am not even actively trying to learn.

Recently, I created the simplest QR Code Generator by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here is how the tool looks like:

Simplest QR Code Generator

For this the generator, I used a minimal CSS framework called PicoCSS that I discovered only a few weeks ago. And the idea to create this came from a simple Google Sheets script that wrote a while ago. Yes, this is not something groundbreaking, but I am seeing it as a start only and it will definitely help me in building more complex tools, some day.

While I had some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS from doing some minor customizations on WordPress sites, I did not know any JavaScript. But last year, when I created a simple OpenAI pricing calculator, I got to learn some JavaScript and its possibilities (still learning, though). I have not taken any course for this, but regularly explore free videos on YouTube and documentations.

In fact, I have now learned a static site generator technology called 11ty and have used the tech in building the QR code generator.

And just to clarify, I do use ChatGPT whenever I am stuck or need ideas on how to do something. I do not avoid it.

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