Riding the AI Wave

No, I am not building a new GPT wrapper!

Not yet, at least.

But I am riding the AI wave a different way.

Remember the OpenAI pricing calculator that I created a while ago? Well, now, I have moved that simple tool to a separate website and creating content related to the developments in the artificial intelligence industry. At the moment, the website is getting more than 8,000 pages views per month. And as I am planning and putting more AI-related content on the site, it’s expected to increase as well.

Scripts in InvertedStone

As of now, there is no specific monetization plan for the site, but I am creating simple scripts to integrate and connect different AI technologies with existing platforms like Google Sheets and Airtable (as shown in the above image). This is just the start, and I am exploring other monetization options as well — in fact, already working on some.

Let’e see what it unrolls.

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