Creating OpenAI Pricing Calculator

OpenAI recently released its latest ChatGPT language model called gpt-3.5-turbo and I was excited to give it a try. And every time, I had to open up my calculator and manually check the estimated price as per the number of words.

So, I decided to build a simple calculator that I can quickly pull up to check estimated prices. And the secondary intention was that I would also be able to brush up on my coding skills.

I decided to use plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the calculator, and it took me only a few hours to finish building it. I did take the help of ChatGPT here and there with the Tailwind CSS thing, and it does figure out things most of the time.

The initial design wasn’t user-friendly, but Amit suggested me a few notable changes, and the current version is the result of tens of iterations. And I am very satisfied with how it looks currently.

You can check the tool here.

Later, Bikash suggested launching the calculator on Product Hunt, and we did launch it. It got around 50 upvotes and a few comments, which I would consider a successful launch – not bad for a hobby project.

In total, I worked for around 3 hours on the project, mostly on weekends. And it did give me ideas for other such useful projects.

In the near future, you will see more such projects coming from me.

Update: March 12, 2023

And as I mentioned earlier, I built this simple Notion custom progress bar formula generator.

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