Built Notion Custom Progress Bar Generator

After how cool the OpenAI Price Calculator turned out to be, I have created another simple and sweet tool for generating custom progress bars in Notion databases.

Here’s the tool, if you want to take a look.

The idea for this tool occurred when I was talking to Sanat about his recent Notion template launch. We were discussing what else he could help the community with, and then I suddenly got the idea of creating this simple custom progress bar formula generator.

Around 1–2 years ago, I was experimenting a lot with the custom progress bars in my Notion databases. And I am sure this idea was the result of that.

I used HTML, Tailwind CSS, and JavaScript to create the calculator; and it took me around 3 hours to build this. I am sure someone with a better command of these things can make this in just an hour, or even less. The tool is hosted on Netlify through GitHub.

Apart from this, now, I am looking to create more similar tools. It will help me learn things in a better way, and later I can move to a bit more complex stuff.

Check Notion custom progress bar generator

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