Playing with the GPT-4 API

Last night I received an unexpected email titled “Your GPT-4 API invite is here” and I have been playing with the API ever since. The possibilities it unfolds are truly wonderful.

Initially, I used the API via TypingMind (created by Tony) which gave me a ChatGPT-like interface to explore and understand how the new API responds. And then I integrated the API right inside Google Sheets to explore further.

If you’re upgrading from ChatGPT API to the new API, you just have to replace gpt-3.5-turbo with gpt-4 and you’re done. Just like the ChatGPT API, the GPT-4 API also takes the “system” and “user” prompts.

I asked gpt-4 to create small tools and calculators, and it worked like a charm. Most of the time, it provides the complete working code on the very first try. For example, I asked it to create a simple robots.txt generator, and it did create in the first go. Here’s a screenshot showing the same…

Apart from coding, I also asked some questions about history and the answers were significantly better than the ChatGPT model. It follows the instructions in a better way, as you can see in the screenshot here…

Asking history questions to GPT-4

I am not going to directly use AI for writing articles, but I will be using it for brainstorming and generating ideas. In fact, it can help me come up with programmatic SEO-friendly keywords.

Like everyone else, I am still exploring and learning about its potential from many people on Twitter.

Let’s see what it brings in the future.

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