Notion is Not Good for an SEO Friendly Website

Initially, I was worried about creating a website using Notion.

Then… I got convinced by the simplicity that the Notion website creation platforms offered and created (now, the site is closed) using one of such platforms.

But… I am doubtful again. 😅

Here, I will say that if SEO is something that you need to focus on your website, do not even think about creating a website using Notion.

However, if you need something simple that doesn’t get impacted much by the SEO, I might still suggest you going with Notion.

On my website, I was looking at the source code of a page that looks like this:

100.Exposed Screenshot - Made in Notion

Upon looking, I noticed that to create a single box that’s shown in the screenshot above, there are 12 lines of code created — mostly unnecessary. See the lines of code below:

<div id="block-2d0c48296f494789aeb7bf1e84637c23" class="notion-collection-card gallery">
   <a href="" class="notion-link notion-collection-card__anchor" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>
   <div class="notion-property notion-property__title"><span class="notion-semantic-string"><span>360 Learning</span></span></div>
   <div class="notion-collection-card__content">
      <div class="notion-collection-card__property">
         <div class="notion-property notion-property__select property-674a784e"><span class="notion-pill pill-green first">Courses</span></div>
      <div class="notion-collection-card__property">
         <div class="notion-property notion-property__select property-76483d77"><span class="notion-pill pill-gray first">30 day trial</span></div>

I do not have much idea about coding but I can see that the code is messy or at least not well optimized.

Also, there is no structured data on any of the Notion’s website’s pages. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool shows nothing on any page of the Notion website.

Also, I tried going through Google’s Rich Results Test and found that my WordPress site is eligible to show rich results whereas the Notion site is not. Here’s the result:

Notion Website Failed the Google Rich Test Result

There are some other minor SEO-related problems that I have come through. However, it’s all solvable though.

I think developers of the website building platforms using Notion should take this thing seriously and make the sites more optimized and SEO friendly.

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